Bed Sores Treatment

Bed Sore Cream
Bed Sore Cream

Bed Sores Stages Small
Bed Sores Cream
Bed Sores Cream

Bed Sores In The Elderly Small
Cream For Bed Sores
Cream For Bed Sores

How To Cure Bed Sores Small
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What Causes Bed Sores
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Arun kumar says:

Very good information.will you upload any video related bedsore

Manikandan.k says:

My father is 2 months sleep for bed in g.h. So he was attacke the bed sore for 5 inch in 2 pattachs please help him. Any treatment or oinment

keerthanamohan says:

Please send me updated information about the disease and the treatment statistics

keerthanamohan says:

its so dangerous. it looks like something awkward. but soon i will find some ways to get rid of it

celena says:

will bed sour spread to others who attends the bedsour patients?

deudance says:

i dont have a bedsorce , but my brother has it , so is the any any efficient medications on this deseases . sometimes its bleeds verry bad n he futher become very weak and he then seems to be hidrated and become unconcious ...

dianne says:

i dont have a bebsorce but i want u all to know god give this to me in my mind it is a gife from god i want all u to know that went this is going on please use this for me because i care so much about people with this promble to show methe way i have to tell u all to do is to all way clean with this withch hazel u get it at walgreens it is natural astringent and hope that i help all of you that having this promble please send me a comment back god bless i have help so many that i know with this pomble all u need to do is clean about 3 time aday

Mahfood al-ajmi says:

please keep me updated about bed sore management and new literature. whish you all the best

Yanick says:


S. Modak says:

Which medicines are very promtly effected on bedsore.
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